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About BTA

Bridlewild Trails Association is an active local organization which encourages appreciation of Lower Merion's remarkable natural environment and resources. More than 700 families support this nonprofit community group which maintains and preserves the Township's many miles of walking and horse riding trails, as well as its natural open-space sites.

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Benefits of BTA membership include guided trail hikes, our waterproof trail map, regular newsletters, email hike reminders, access to "Member-only" trails, and our annual meeting. Join us to show your support for maintaining and preserving these very special trails which exist right in our own community.


By donating to Bridlewild Trails you will help to protect the natural environment of Lower Merion. BTA maintains the trails by clearing downed trees, repairing water runoff damage, by cutting back vegetation. BTA also fights to preserve threatened trails, and works with property owners to maintain the integrity of the trail network.

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